Manufacturing Engineering

Our Sales, Logistics and Technical departments, mainly staffed by engineers, are engaged in the entire production process.

Our structure, size and the way we work endow us with great flexibility and responsiveness, with a high degree of specialization spanning our factory’s four operational areas.

We feature an Engineering Department that responds to our customers’ needs with customized solutions, and we strive to offer not only the manufacturing of equipment, but also its integration and testing.

We manufacture your ideas”: Proceeding based on a general design, our department takes charge of producing the necessary detail drawings for the manufacturing of products, always in collaboration with the customer’s technicians, while also gathering input received from the factory based on experiences from previous projects.

We are continuously subjected to auditing processes by customers, with the work we have performed over the course of many years allowing us to secure their trust.

Documentation and support on the traceability of both materials and methods and processes can be even more important than the product itself.

Thune Eureka seeks to distinguish itself from the competition through its continuously updated facilities and working methods, which combine tradition and excellence.

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