Thune Eureka, S.A., as a capital goods manufacturing company that covers the complete cycle, from the acquisition of raw materials to delivery to the customer, has a human team where all staff are very clear about their customer orientation and know that it must use an ethical code of respect, justice, dignity and clarity.

The management of the company, within its involvement with the staff and with society, makes a clear commitment to equal treatment and opportunities between women and men and declares its commitment to the integration of the principle of equality, in a transversal way, in the business management, establishing and developing policies that integrate equal treatment and opportunities between women and men, without directly or indirectly discriminating on the basis of sex, as well as in the imposition and promotion of measures to achieve equality within our organization, establishing equal opportunities between women and men as a fundamental principle of labor relations and the management of the company’s human resources.

For this we have drawn up an Equality Plan that we want to be an effective instrument for improving the work environment, optimizing the capabilities and potential of the entire workforce, and also improving the quality of life and increasing employment. productivity of the people who make up our team.

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